Auctions on Tuesday

Main auctions in Japan are USS, JU, TAA, CAA and so on.
List of Tuesday auctions and Unit auctioned on 31st Jan, 2013.
CAA TOKYO 1,598units
CAA Gifu 1,450units
CAA Tohoku 354units
USS Yokohama 3,295units
TAA Kinki 1,537units
TAA Kyushu 1,694units
TAA Minami-Kyushu 300units
TAA Hiroshima 895units
TAA Shikoku 404units
JU Saitama 2,186units
JU Shizuoka 590units
JU Mie 245units
JU Yamaguchi 161units
Arai Sendai 282units
Sapporo AA 336units
Nissan Plaza Paper auctions …