How to use,this machine?

mini excavator

Japanese mini used excavator

One of the main construction machine is called excavator or backhoe, some call as yumbo, Everyone has a chance to see this machine mostly at construction site.

We deal with especially small or micro size of excavator, If you have this machine in your garden or if you have DIY house building project, A excavator will help you a lot. We see its size from bucket size, general construction site may be use about 0.6 cubic meters bucket in Japan. However we deal about 0.05 bucket size. so called mini or micro excavator.Mini excavators are used for may ways not only construction site but also home gardens. Bucket can be changed to other attachment such as a breaker. Power is created by hydro oil pressure. Also Hydro pressure drives caterpillars. Like this, power system is very different from vehicles we drive everyday. Engine is mainly run by diesel. Excavator is consists of mainly 4 parts. caterpillar, upper body, boom and arms with bucket. Upper body revolve 360dgrees for this reason, some people call this as 360degrees.

Power train

Most of excavator run by diesel. Power from diesel engine is used for creating hydro pressure power. Hydro pressure power moves Caterpillars, arms and other body parts. These days some excavators run by electricity or hybrid.

Not like bulldozers, Mini excavator stays one position and mostly use boom, arm and bucket. For this reason, driving unit is not much used like other machines. Caterpillars are run by hydro pressure motors.

The name of arm parts
japanese auction car  The arm consist of 3 parts, Boom,Arm and Bucket. The size of excavator of picture is 0.05 cubic meter bucket size.

How to operate mini excavator

japanese auction car
The operation in a picture is sample only, some machines have its own operation systems.
Basic operation is very easy than you think. The 2 sticks in the middle of front, moves this machine caterpillars forward and reverse, if the sticks go back and forth together. if only one stick, for example, if operate right side stick move forward then only right side caterpillar goes to forward. So this machine rotate a bit.

also, other leavers right and left move this excavators arm, bucket and upper body to right and left. If you play this machine for 30mins, you will be good at this.

Also. most of these machine has earth moving panels in front, it is used as a mini bulldozer. also this panel is used as a stabilizer as this machine is too small to stand firmly

japanese auction car  earth_moving_pannel

Excavator operation

There are 2 leavers from floor and other 2 sticks where are near seat side. lever moves forward bigger and quick movement and forward small results in slow moves.

Caterpillar is operated by 2 leavers from floor.2 sticks biside, are used for arms, upper body and bucket. Some models equipped other leave for operation such as attachment.

Caterpillar operation.

Upper body revolve 360 degrees, with 180degrees leaver operation goes oposit ways, so need to be carful.

  • Move straight forward >> 2 leavers move forward
  • Move straight reverse >> 2 leavers move backward
  • only one lever forward >> take a turn to the left or right

Left caterpillar forward Right caterpillar forward
↑  ↑
○   ○
↓  ↓
Left caterpillar backward Right caterpillar backward

lever operation

There is no standard operation, each maker has each own systems. there are 5 patterns.

JIS pattern

Lever left and turn left, leaver right and turn right , very easy to understand. excavator_operation1


right stick is the same pattern as JIS, However left stick is opposite way to JIS pattern. excavator_operation2



Old koberlko pattern


Old Yammer pattern


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