Maintenance & Repair

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About Mini-excavator maintenance and repair


hydraulic pressure system

The most important point of meaintenance is a hydraulic pressure system which is a main part of equipment to work. and it will be a big cost to repaire when system down.
The checking point is oil puarity so that it can be detected hydraulic pressure system problem.
Please try regular oil flashing and keep oil clean. At the same time, cleaning or changing oil filter. try to used a filter from genuine part to avoid trouble. These maintenace will be a help for a trouble free.

Runnimg motor oil change

It is very easy just take old pil off and put new oil. Better change oil every 1,000hours time. mini excavator cylinder_gasket

Check top guide roler and bottom guide rollar

Check these guide rollar roteate smoothly. mini excavator cylinder_gasket

White smoke

mini excavator cylinder_gasket
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Oil leaking

from cylinder problem

mini excavator cylinder_gasket Oil leaking from cylinder is a common problem and easy to repire as its structure is simple and easy to find the location of problem.
mini excavator cylinder_gasket mini excavator cylinder_gasket

from flexible hose

Instruction. There are 2 types of oil used for this mini excavator. One is used for engine and the other is used for hydraulic pressure oil. The first it is important to identyfy where is oil leaking from Engine or Cylinder. The color of oil is a key to identification. Generaly, Blck color = Engine Oil, Orange color = hydraulic pressure oil. most case, tube and flexible hose screw is lose or too old to keep oil. Change flexible hose to a new one or tighten a screw or niple with a screwdriver to repair this problem. mini excavator cylinder_gasket