Business partner for used car export from Japan

At, we are looking for a PARTNERS to join one of the used car export companies in our Nagoya,

We’re looking for team members who can’t sit still and are always thinking around the corner.

As a Business Partner, you are primarily responsible for the successful deployment,
Acting as the key buying car solution contact for customers, you will support them with high quality services and support,

We’re not looking for average. Do you enjoy diving into issues and designing solutions?
Are you detail-oriented yet able to communicate at a high level? If so, this job is for you.

What You’ll Be Doing

Looking for a new customer and comunicate, asking them what cars looking for. If you have alredy customers to sell cars, that is good for Us.

More About The Role

Native or Fluent in English and other language
5-10+ years of car experience with auto industories.
Strong client facing skills: written, verbal, and facilitative
Ability to travel is REQUIRED


We’re exporting used cars to overseas for more than 10years.
Everyday we buy used cars from auction, such as USS and JU based on our customer needs.

A guys who buy cars at local auctions and sell them to USS TOKYO.

Hi , Im Nori. long time no write, I have been too busy to write blogs.
Ive sold so many cars to my customers and they need adjust stock.
So it is a good time for me to write some what I think these days.

Today I think write about guys who buy cars cheap from local auctions and sell higher them to big auction houses such as USS.

A lot of customers like USS Auctions as they can find their targets very easy as so many cars in one place. And a lot of customers does not care about local auctions.

One of reason for it, is , may be your agents does not attend at local auctions as not cost effective.
For the reason, local auctions are good place for those who sell cars to big auctions.

if you are smart enough, you think USS auctions are very expensive. But the answer is Yes and No.
Generally yes. But some cases No, for example. lets see, say, 100 Prius at USS Tokyo. The first price must be very expensive, but may be after 80cas, less competitors and cheaper and cheaper.

If your target is only one car at USS Tokyo, price will be a sky rocket.

These days Japanese classic sports cars are crazy price. RX 7, Chasers , Skylines,,,,,, I used to pay 200k yen 20 years ago. Now price is over 1mill yen. Premium price.

Anyway, those guys who buy cars at local and sell them to a big auctions, they seems to have a special skills. there are more than 100 car auction houses in Japan, some deal 80cars and USS tokyo deals more than 10,000 cars at one day.

I know this, Mondays, Honda auctions, so many cars are transported to next USS Tokyo.

I know this because I check histories for every single of my target cars.
So I used to tell my customer , hey this car from Local auction, but customer does not care as long as price would be in a his budget. So i do not tell car history to my customer anymore as long as car is not accident.

Accident car at Honda auction >> Grade4 USS tokyo. this is very common.

If you have questions about Japanese car auction, please feel free to contact me.

Which Japanese car Auction Agent are you looking for??

Hi , Im Nori. long time no write, I have been too busy to write blogs.
Ive sold so many cars to my customers and they need adjust stock.
So it is a good time for me to write some what I think these days.

Today I think write about auction Japanese agents in Japan.
May be some agents are not Japanese as agents do not need to be a Japanese.
any people can be an auction agent. only experience matter.

How much he can check or describable car condition for you. This is a matter.

I been gone to car auction for more than 15years and everyday checking cars.
Used to do some mistakes but not these days, I think some auction cars are very tricky , though.

Most of guys who I saw at auction houses were gone and now only a few guys survive, like me.

Every time new guys come and gone. Especially big company uses young un skilled guy.
I ve hired some guys in a past but never found good skilled buyers.

So what I want say today is that, may be you would like to buy cars from big companies, and I understand it, but actually, in terms of cars conditions, a lot of cases , you will never satisfy their service.
AS big companys buy good cars for only big customers, so very small chance you will get good cars at reasonable price.

This is what I think when I m in an auction houses and when I saw young guyes checking cars.

I am happy to answer any questions , regarding Japanese used car auction.
and I m sure I can buy good cars for you.