Newzealand used car import statistics

2013 April  total number of used car import  from Japan  to Newzealand  8460 units

2013 May    most imported used car model

1   Suzuki Swift

2  Nissan Tida

3 Mazda Demio

4 Mazda Axela

5 Toyota Corolla

6 Honda Fit

7 Subaru Legacy

8 Mazda 6

9 Toyota Wish

10 Toyota Vitz

11 to 34   if you are interested in this , please drop me a line.



Auctions on Wednesday

Wednesday a busy day.


 Mostly I attend CAA CHUBU where 40min drive from my office and there is a online auctions system which I can bid through on line auctions such as JAA, BAYAUC and so on.


Good and big and small size of auctions are listed below,


JAA is good auction in Tokyo area. and Bayauc in Osaka area. I do not buy often cars from other auctions.


KCAA EBINO is a good cheap auction but too far from port where located in Ktyushu island.


ORIX is a paper auction. mostly came from rental cars.


Auctions from North such as Sapporo, Tohoku , cars are mostly rusty because of snow. To melt snow on Road, they use salt, also, a lot of chance, cars will not pass radiation test. So we need to be very careful when buy cars from these auctions,


Average numbers of cars at auctions



JAA 2500











BCN 1500

HERO 600



ORIX 200



Auctions on Tuesday

Main auctions in Japan are USS, JU, TAA, CAA and so on.


List of Tuesday auctions and Unit auctioned on 31st Jan, 2013.


CAA TOKYO 1,598units

CAA Gifu 1,450units

CAA Tohoku 354units

USS Yokohama 3,295units

TAA Kinki 1,537units

TAA Kyushu 1,694units

TAA Minami-Kyushu 300units

TAA Hiroshima 895units

TAA Shikoku 404units

JU Saitama 2,186units

JU Shizuoka 590units

JU Mie 245units

JU Yamaguchi 161units

Arai Sendai 282units

Sapporo AA 336units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Tokyo 125units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Sendai 139units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Oyama 156units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Osaka 137units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Fukuoka 101units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Gifu 84units

SMAP Paper auctions Nagoya 99units

SMAP Paper auctions Fukuoka 47units

ORIX Paper auctions Kobe 208units

ORIX Paper auctions Fukuoka 165units


Biggest auction on Tuesday is USS Yokohama 3,295units and the next is JU Saitama


USS yokohama locate behind of Yokohama Port, good location for exporters.


TAA is Toyota dealer auctions, small size however, one of good auctions and many Toyota cars.


Paper auction cars are mostly come from Rental cars. A little low quality and standard cars (no alloys,,,) some people say cheap, however hard auction, Normal action, I know competitors price as price goes up with competitors bid, winner just win only 1push up bid higher than under bidder. On the other hands, Paper auction, just write bidding price and bid, may be far way from under bidder price means paying too much. you can bid paper auctions using my service but cost you 500Yen per bidding. and if we wind also 10,000 plus as a paper auction fee.

Car Auctions on Monday

No auctions on Sunday.


And Monday is a relatively quieter day as for Car Auction in Japan. only 3 auctions USS-R JU Tokyo Honda (Honda auctions are open 6 areas on Monday) 6areas Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka,Sendai,,,,and so on


USS-R I guess “R” means recycle About 2000-3000cars every Monday

 A half of buyers are not Japanese, means most of Japanese car dealers not buy cars from this auction. A little of quality of cars is lower than other auctions.some are very high killo meters, some are accident.and some bargain cars so I like this auction.


But cars has to be check before purchase. very risky cars and cheap…. Behind auction building, there is a huge car dismantling and car parts center where I gop to buy some car parts. very convenient.


Cars could not sell at auctions go to this recycle factory and recycled.


Ju Tokyo about 300cars a day very small auction I will buy cars from this auction sometimes by my customers request


Monday is sometimes cheap car auction, I will buy cars from this auction using online.


Honda auctions about 300cars a day Honda Nagoya and USSr are close each other about 15min drive.


Honda auctions collect cars only from Honda dealers and inspection is strict. means good inspection and description. I can buy Honda auction cars from my office by online. Also i can buy Honda auctions cars from Honda Nagoya auction house. A lot of Honda cars and cars are fresh just come out for market. USSr and Honda Nagoya auction is 40min drive from my office car auctions in Japan

cars has to be done radiation test

Cars did not pass radiation test. may be better check these chassis number before you buy cars from Japan

 honda cars

December 2012

212units did not pass radiation test and could not export These cars will be or already back to Auction, so exporters have to be careful buy cars from Japanese auctions.


 list of cars failed radiation test


According to the list,190cars failed radiation test in Tokyo port.

So many of these cars, will be back to auctions in Tokyo area and some exporters who does know this would buy those cars which are not able to export. Every single cars has to be done radiation test before export.

2006 Toyota IST

Enquiry from Peter Mombasa



hi Nori, its Peter from Kenya. Pls check for details below market prices cnf mombasa, Toyota IST 2006 Jan to Mar Silver, Auto, PW, PS, AC Not must allow 3.5 or 4 less than 100,000kms


2006 IST regulary I buy IST for my customer. may be 4-5 cars a month. Very popular stylish and


Lets check price ;


my fee is 60,000 and JEVIC 30,000yen Freight 65000yen Total cost 155,000Yen


Market price I see 34units in 3month with in a request condition Price range is 230-350 I normally pay 250-280 for my Customer


So average price is 280,000yen Car price +Total cost = 280,000yen + 155,000yen=435,000yen=CNF


I am sure he say too expensive So best I can do is 400,000yen CNF and see what he says……


For Kenya Market Car has to be newer than 8years (month sensitive , car has to be 2006 Jan to Mar) Also Need Jevic inspection, most coutry do not need this

Enquiry from Africa

Africa ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I want to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1998 4×4, Turbo Diesel. I think your company offers a fair service. I believe, with your help, the best deal can be found at the auction. My cap is $600,000 yen Im not to concerned about colour, just condition, accidents and milage. Low milage please! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



His Budget is 600,000Yen

My fee is 60,000 Yen

Freight for Mombasa M3=65US Prado M3=17

So FreightUS=1105US Convert to Yen about 100,000Yen


 Also Kenya Market need JEVIC Inspection =30,000 So Total cost is My Fee and JEVIC = 90,000 Budget for Landcruiser is 510,000


 lets check Market price for landcruiser from USS site 1998 5door Landcruiser Diesel Turbo 3000cc 344units(incrude crash condition to Brand new like condition ) in 3month

And price has to be under 510,000yen After all, I found 4units all is 280,000km-310,000km with accident repaired condition I have to write this to him….


About Car import to kenya

Car has to be newer than 8years (month sensitive)

About fees as Auction Agent

To start purchase car from Auction, I need a deposit 100,000yen / unit.


And this deposit is refundable (minus bank fees).

My fee is 60,000yen.

60,0000yen includes Auction fee, transport to port. Customs, Radiation test, All costs need in Japan side. Auction price + my fee, 60,000 = FOB price


You will pay Freight, depends on destination, Shipping company accept Freight collect which Consignee pay after departure or Freight prepaid, you have to pay Freight before departure.


There is no hidden cost but, depends on auction I will charge extra transport. Because some auctions are very far away from port , which I can not help from 60,000

However, most of cases, you pay only 60,000 on the top of auction price