FAQ auction car from Japan


Q.How can you convince me that the car I bought from auction is true mileage and not accident? A.) First, I have bought cars from auctions for more than 10 years, and I am be able to good guess if a car has a strange condition, and avoid to buy cars.

Next,auctions in Japan, share the information of mileage and car conditions such as accident even water damage. Once car was auctioned, Chassis number and each conditions were recorded into auction database and auction house automatically retrieve information of car. For example, the car was auctioned a year ago and it was traveled 80,000km. Now the same car is going to be auctioned in the different auction house, however this time the meter shows 60,000. Computer automatically shows warning. Pretty much we are able to trust not only the mileage but also, car conditions as long as we buy cars from auctions in Japan .

Also, depends on location of auction, I do test drive a car after purchased and bring to car yard from auction to check everything is OK.

Q.How long I have to wait after I send a auction deposit? A.) Depend on your target car, the time will vary. If your target car is one of very very special, it will take longer than normal. If your target car is standard car such as a collora. It will not take too long as long as your bidding price is not very low than market price. So I recommend that if you really need your car , you better put high bidding price.

Q. I am a private buyer and not a car dealer. But I want to buy Japanese car. Can I use your auction service? A.) Of course, we deal with anybody who loves Japanese car. However, please note that some countries has restriction for car importation, Some countries allowed to import cars only licensed dealers. So, before you will order, please check with your local car dealer or government agency. This is your responsibility to check this.

Q. I am not sure about auction cancellation, can I get back my deposit? A.)Before I buy car for you, it is “yes”. However 10% will be charged as a processing fee. I will remit a deposit to your bank account straight away. But if you already purchased car from auction, we have to charge you 100,000yen to write off.

Q. I want to buy car parts from Japan, as well. A.) I have a extensive car network. I am sure I am able to supply you any parts at very low price.

Q. You do not have car stock? A.) The reason why I am be able to do 60,000yen auction service is that I do not have car stock. If I had car stock I am not able to do auction service at 60,000yen. The car value of stock, decreased every day and day and need more people and land to maintain car stock, which cost too much for me to maintain 60,000yen auction service fee.

Q. Does auction deposit 60,000yen include freight? A.) NO. I organize shipping from Japan to your port, but my auction service fee does not include freight, JAAI, and odd meter inspection. I do these service on your request. When you calculate the bid price, please do not forget about freight. You are able to pay freight to local shipping company or to me depends on destination.

Q. Do you take credit card? A.) NO. all payment is done by Telegraphic transfer( T.T.) or paypal. please pay by Japanese yen.

Q. Import car from Japan by your self or just buy car in local dealers? A.)I showed some advantage importing a car from Japan by yourself. However please note this. You will need to do car import process by yourself (it may not be difficult by asking your local trade customs) It will take longer to get a car than buying car from your local dealer (it might take from 2weeks to 4 weeks) You have to make really clear the car you are going to import, is allowed to import into your country ( this is your responsibility , please ask your local dealers or customs) Please decide yourself, if you want to import car from Japan by yourself. and please ask me anything.

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