Buying Trip In JAPAN


Trip; When you have a chance to come to Japan, NAGOYA, for buying cars please drop me a line, I will organize hotel and airport pick up. ( if you buy 3 cars a day I will pay your accommodation ) I am very happy to be a assist of you when you are buying trip in Japan so that you will be able to purchase right cars. (you have to pay on the spot, you will not pay later on) Our company is situated in Nagoya, the middle of Japan, where lots of good Auctions take place everyday.

Monday USS R

Tuesday CAA Gifu

Wednesday CAA CHUBU

Thursday TAA

Friday USS

Saturday GCA

Monday normally I go for dealers after auction, like Subaru, Toyota, to buy some cars. Other Auctions are of course, available, please ask!


Let me explain little about Japan for those never come to Japan. It is said that Japan has four distinct seasons. Summer,fall,winter and spring. They generally fall into three distinct categories: too cold, too hot, and just right. March to May and September to December are good season for buying trip.

Golden Week

There are also certain times of the year to avoid in order not to be traveling when two thirds of the population will seem to be tagging along. For example, unless you really like huge crowds and long lines at the airport, you would be better off avoiding the week of the 3rd ,4th, and 5th of May. This is known in Japan as ‘Golden Week’. There are three consecutive National Holidays in the first week of May which, along with the 29th of April, provide a week-long break for most salaried workers from the rigors of their usual gainful employment. Needless to say, many folks take that as an opportunity to travel.


Likewise, you may wish to avoid the middle of August because of Obon (a time when many Japanese travel to their hometown to visit relatives and pay respects to the family grave). There is generally one specific week when many companies give their employees time off for Obon. The exact time often varies by region. For that reason, travel during most of August is two or three times as expensive as at other times.


As for weather, I would have to suggest avoiding June, July, and August if at all possible. From early June until mid-July, you’re looking at nothing but rain. This is sometimes days-long rain where your umbrella never really dries out completely the entire time. Once that’s over, there is a week or two of relatively nice weather (punctuated by the occasional storm) and then in August the heat and humidity become almost unbearable. For those who don’t thrive on cold weather, it’s probably best to avoid January and February as well. It gets pretty cold.

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