Purchase Process


1.Auction consultation

The starting point is just send me a e-mail. You do not need to mention your name, Any questions, I am happy to reply about auction and car. Then, please tell me, what auction cars you are looking for or interested in. Please make sure that you are able to import the car which you are going to buy. Most countries has a certain restriction of importation of certain cars. Local dealer might help you about which car is OK and which car is not good. Please check this in your side and this is your responsibility to follow the local import rules.

I will be able to assist you with

  • Availability to locate your car from auction or dealers in Japan
  • Auction car market price in Japan
  • Popularity in Japan
  • Shipping schedule and Freight

and so on.

Car auction price is ,of course, vary based on the car condition, color, AT or manual, seasons. If a car has registration or not and so on, If a car is good condition, naturally auction price goes up. this is very important when you make decision on auction price for a car. I will give you the idea, how much you are going to pay for your car.

Shipping schedule, depend on where you live , it will take 1 to 5 weeks from Japan, before your car will arrive to your port. If you would like to pay freight as well, I will tell you freight cost as well. Generally fright is calculated by the size of cars, so if the car is bigger so as more fright cost. Also, if you require any Japanese car parts and car accessories, I am able to arrange car parts on your request. In the first stage, any questions are welcome and question is free to ask.

2. Please send auction deposit.

Once you have decided your target car,please send a telegraphic transfer (TT) 100,000yen per car as a deposit to start your auction buying process. Please note that we do not take care of your bank charge and we will not be able to process your order if 100,000 deposit for car, is not completed. So please pay this correctly so that your cost and time will be minimized. Unfortunately, if I am not able to locate your car from auctions in Japan, I will refund your deposit to your local bank( your auction deposit amount minus bank charge).

3.Locating your target cars from auctions in Japan

Once I know what car you are looking for and received auction deposit, I will start to locate your target from auctions in Japan. It will not too long to locate your vehicle as long as your target car is not very very special type of car. Since about 66,000 cars are auctioned every week in Japan. When successfully,I find your target, I will inform you the details the night before auction,

I will inform you

  • Auction name
  • The date of auction
  • Recent market price of your target car
  • The details of auction car such as condition, color, year,,,,
  • Auction car description sheet and pictures will be supplied through e mail

and so on.

4. Car pricing

How to make auction price decision? If you are not car dealer, please check a local market price for your target car then, calculate and convert to Japanese yen, and consider your bidding price very well. You need to buy auction car in Japan cheaper than local price of course. We will provide you general auction car price ( how much your target car has been sold for ) in advance, for your auction price decision. We understand you would like to buy cars cheap as possible as you can. However, We deal with only serious auction bids, if the price submitted is obviously not make it, we will not process.

*We reserve the right to refuse your auction bids.

if auction bid price is strong, there is more chance for you will buy your target-car. Often we are able to purchase cars under customers bidding price. This means you do not need to pay your bid price, you pay for the car win, only the price sold for and we call this as auction car cost.

For example, if your auction bid was 600,000yen and we paid at 460,000yen, then you pay 460,000yen plus our Auction-service fee which is 60,000yen only ( Not include freight). Total 520,000yen which is all cost in Japan

We always attach Invoice from auction so that we are able to proof you the amount we paid for your car at auction. If you could purchase a car at auctions in Japan, the CAR COST in the invoice will be the same as your sold price at the auction. Please send us auction deposit of 100,000yen per car. I will send a e mail to confirm your final bidding, please send it back to us with your confirmation so that I can process your auction order.

5.Car auction

Once car biding price is determined, I will try to bid your car at your desired price. Please allowed me 10,000yen flexibility, so that you will not lose your big chance. For example, your price is 400,00yen, and I might pay 410,000 in a competition. If you do not like this please tell me in advance.


When successfully we win a car, we will make auction invoice and send fax or e-mail to you. We ask you the amount of purchase price and our agent fee of 60,000yen. Your auction deposit of 100,000yen is used in here. So, more accurately, The amount you will pay =((the auction win price)-(auction deposit of 100,000))+agent fee of 60,000yen

As a example, Assume your bidding price for your car was 280,000. we received 100,000yen auction deposit in advance. Successfully we could buy your car at 255,000. So you will be invoiced like this.

  • Invoice Car auction price 255,000yen
  • Deposit -100,000yen
  • Auction service fee 60,000yen
  • (Agent fees may change without notice and by destination)
  • ————————–
  • Invoice Amount 215,000yen

 Also, please pay extra fee where special request has been made, such as freight, JAAI, Parts, Accessories,odd meter check,pictures,and so on,

7.Auction options

The option fees apply for special service requested. Such as, JAAI, Additional Transportation ,Busses and trucks,Odd meter inspection, Longer storage of your car, Container.Parts and accessory, Ocean Freight Rates and so on.

If you would like to deal with C and F or CIF, we will charge the cost of freight. Please check approximate ocean freight in shipping information page. Or please ask us.


Please send T.T to our bank in Japan, invoiced amount to us no later than 3 business days, otherwise your auction order will be canceled automatically. Also, please sent a copy of T.T receipt by fax or e-mail to process quickly. “3 business days” is not negotiable. Once we confirm your payment, we will start to reserve ship for your car and de-register the car for exportation. Quick payment enable you to be shipped by earliest boat. Please note that we do not take care your bank charge and we will not be able to process shipping if invoiced amount is not received completely. So please pay this correctly so that your cost and time will be minimized.


If you would like to cancel your auction order before purchasing at auction, we are able to refund your auction deposit back to your account in 3 business days. However 10% will be charged as a processing fee. *If you would like to cancel your auction win car after we purchased, your deposit 100,000 will be used to write it off. However, please note, we accept cancellation only after 1 day after purchase, otherwise you will not cancel your car. Please be careful when you give us auction order, as we do not want to waste your money and time.

10.Shipping process

Once we confirm all money from you, whether your order is FOB or CIF, we will process booking the next available ship to your port. You will receive shipping information soon.

  • The name of vessel
  • The departure date and port in Japan
  • The arrival date

After a vessel was departing from Japan to your port,

I will send you

  • Auction car-description sheet to proof your car condition ( all car details is in there, include mileage and history of your vehicle )
  • Invoice from auction to proof we paid the amount for your vehicle.
  • Car service book and car warranty book where it is possible.
  • Car deregistration paper for your registration.
  • car inspection sheet
  • Bill of lading

11.Registration for Driving in your country

Once the vessel arrived, you will get your car from the wharf with Bill of Lading. Now you start registration process. You are able to do this by yourself or you are able to ask local agents for you. Please enjoy driving your car

12.Next auction order

If you are happy with my auction service and would like to use my auction service again, I am more than happy to locate your car again from auctions in Japan.

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