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Second hand,  any parts, please ask!  new and used  car parts are available!!

Wind screens ,Steering, Spoiler, Turbo Gages,  Bonnet Audios Speaker Supercharging Inter-coolers Custom Manifolds & Exhaust Air Filter Body Kits Engine Swaps Blow off valves Oil Air Separations Aluminium & stainless Fabrication Custom Bolt on Turbo kits

Finding used car parts is one of hard task. Sometimes, a part found looks like the same but may not match to your car. We will look for good parts from all over Japan for you.

Used car parts shops online 

We have a contact with over  1,500 aftermarket online car parts companies to select from for your needs.  Just we do need a copy of export certificate or chassis number, first registration date, classification number and so on to match your part replacement.   without those information, we are not be able to locate your car parts.

Please go to inquiry page , and fill a form with necessary information. 




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