Shipping from Japan


Please make sure your country import law, if your car is ok for for import or not. This is not funny, because sometimes people ask me help as they imported cars which is not ok. So this is very important basics.

My fee 60,000 includes custom clearance, booking, make shipping documents, and de-registration. Pleae note fee does not include ocean freight.

(Ocean freight deffer from country to country, please ask. ) I need your detail information to make Shipping instruction and shipping invoice for custom clearance. We take care of shipping for you however, you will need to arrange all import procedures in your country. This process can be done by you or your local agent, depend on your budget and ability

The process you need in your country

  • payment of ocean freight ( I can do CIF )
  • local duties/taxes,
  • compliance and registration
  • others

Please feel free to ask freight rate

Shipping To New zealand

I have been to export cars to Newzealand for more than 10years, I used to sell cars to Turners auctions, there were 3time changes of import regulation, it never become easier, it is getting harder and harder.still statistics shows a lot of cars go to Newzealand every year.

Now, for Newzealand only 3digit number can be imported. 3digit come with prefix of chassis number. such as DBA-NZE121-0123456,CBA-NCP61-0123456, Before 3digit, most of old cars come with 2digit such as UA,,TA,,, these prefix shows exhaust emission gas regulation code. most 3digit started from 2004 however need be careful here some 2004 also 2digit include. even 2005 some cars come with 2digit.

Boat leaves every 2 weeks and about 2weeks to Auckland. and other ports. Freight is about 1,590NZ for private , door to door price. and 1,390NZ for dealers door to door price. Or if you can do MAF and Custom by yourself, Freight will be cheaper. You can chose shipping line as you like. Please ask me details.

You can pay freight together with my fee and Car price, if you like. And for private customers, I have instruction document, please ask me if you need.

Shipping To Australia

I lived in Australia for more than 8years before Olympic. so long time ago, I went Uni of Syd. Australia has its own import regulation to compete with new car market, and changed import regulation from time to time. basically old cars can be imported. some cars turbo is ok but non turbo is not good something like this, please confirm this with transport authority if you are not confident this, before purchasing cars.

Also, Australia government ask you de- gas, old type of air conditioner gas to protect environment. De-gas cost you 10,000yen and you will have de gas certificate which need for importation.

Shipping take about 10days to main port SYD, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, And fright is 1700AUS for normal size of car, You will pay other cost such as Tax, custom, transport and so on to your local agent.

Shipping To Karachi Pakistan

Freight prepaid only. 3years old rules started from the end of 2012. Car should be 2010 up based on manufacture date not registration date, (Auction sheet says registration date, not manufature date). Mostly expensive cars.

Boat leaves from Nagoya and Yokohama port only. Boat is not come to Osaka port. Cars purchased from Osaka area and far west, have to bring cars to Nagoya or Yokohama port. Corolla size of car, freight will be about 100,000yen per unit. boat leaves the end of every month.

Since new rules started, number of units import to Karachi have been decreased.

Shipping To Canada

For a Canadian customer, car import is getting harder and harder. Most of cars done under-body cleaning, and you will have certificate for it. Cost you 20,000yen for the Certificate. WIthout Certificate, only cleaning cost 8,000yen.

My fee for Canadadian customers is 70,000yen plus this Cleaning option and extra transport, from auction to Yokohama or kobe port which is the nerest from auction. If you would like to car bring to our yard, then Ok. Just a extra time and cost. Tranport fee, please ask Extra transport charge.

Please note, Nagoya port is not good, only Yokohama or Kobe port. Freight prepaid only. About 90,000yen to New Westminister, about 100,000yen to Vancuver for Corolla size and 150,000yen to Hlifax

Shipping To Hongkong

2007 up manufacture year not registration year. The Year shown auction sheet can not be reliable. Shipping to Honkong takes about 1week and every 2weeks. My fee is 60,000 and fright will be about 58,000yen for a corolla size.

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