2004 Estima Aeras G power doors

Yesterday  we sold  2004 Estima pearl 97Ks  to Australian customer. FOB 516,000


2004 Toyota Estima
2004 Toyota Estima

I always sell Estimas to NZ customers but this time a order came from Australia. He wants Estima with power doors.

Old Estimas does not have power doors. So he wants 2004model.

I have some customers from australia who buy Estimas but mostly 2000 -2001  price rangae is 80,000-160,000

So some customers pay a big money for these.   Estima is very very expensive now  very very hard to buy good ones.

Freight is about 1600-1700 AUS $   depends on exchange rate.

My fee 60,000 + 10,000 for de gas certificate


Freight to NZ private customers


FOR NZ Private Customers only

Recently, Freight to NZ private customers was reduced from 2000NZ to 1590NZ.

This includes

Ocean Freight to NZ

MAF/NZTA inspection


Import custom fee

Transport to your door  (main city Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, please ask extra transport fee for other areas )

( Readiation test (compalsory) fees include within my agent fees )

Please download  book about  “NZ import process ” pdf file


NISSAN Z33 2005

Today sold this car to NZ customer

Nissan Z  2005 leather with seat heather, HID, 3500cc  77Ks Silver   Bose Sound, Grade4.5

Asking price was 940K  but we could buy at 815K, customer was happy buy at cheap.

These days  yen is weaker & weaker so customers has exchange rate advantage  to fresh import  rather than buy car from local old stock, as local stock are purchased when yen was strong.

total price for this Z in Japan is 875000yen , he will pay another cost to his door 1590NZ$

Tommorw I will go to USS Nagoya and looking for AURIS , Estimas and some more,,,,,,,,,






Honda Fit 88Ks

2004 Honda Fit 88Ks Blue   Grade 4 

Today I sold Blue Honda fit  to NZ customer.  we paid 180,000yen for this car.

Total cost in Japan = FOB  is 180,000+60,000=240,000  about 3000NZ

Cost to your door is 1590 NZ  for private customer  , so total about 4500NZ

I think not bad price for Electric blue Fit 88Ks.  My customer was looking for 5000-6000 range cars

We tried about 10days and finally today we bought this car.



After I bought this car,. I did w-check, Drive test ,accident check and radiation test.

So I hope my customer will be happy .


Electrick blue Fit
Electrick blue Fit