2004 Estima Aeras G power doors

Yesterday  we sold  2004 Estima pearl 97Ks  to Australian customer. FOB 516,000


2004 Toyota Estima
2004 Toyota Estima

I always sell Estimas to NZ customers but this time a order came from Australia. He wants Estima with power doors.

Old Estimas does not have power doors. So he wants 2004model.

I have some customers from australia who buy Estimas but mostly 2000 -2001  price rangae is 80,000-160,000

So some customers pay a big money for these.   Estima is very very expensive now  very very hard to buy good ones.

Freight is about 1600-1700 AUS $   depends on exchange rate.

My fee 60,000 + 10,000 for de gas certificate