2006 Toyota IST

Enquiry from Peter Mombasa Trading.com



hi Nori, its Peter from Kenya. Pls check for details below market prices cnf mombasa, Toyota IST 2006 Jan to Mar Silver, Auto, PW, PS, AC Not must allow 3.5 or 4 less than 100,000kms


2006 IST regulary I buy IST for my customer. may be 4-5 cars a month. Very popular stylish and eco.car.


Lets check price ;


my fee is 60,000 and JEVIC 30,000yen Freight 65000yen Total cost 155,000Yen


Market price I see 34units in 3month with in a request condition Price range is 230-350 I normally pay 250-280 for my Customer


So average price is 280,000yen Car price +Total cost = 280,000yen + 155,000yen=435,000yen=CNF


I am sure he say too expensive So best I can do is 400,000yen CNF and see what he says……


For Kenya Market Car has to be newer than 8years (month sensitive , car has to be 2006 Jan to Mar) Also Need Jevic inspection, most coutry do not need this

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