About fees as Auction Agent

To start purchase car from Auction, I need a deposit 100,000yen / unit.


And this deposit is refundable (minus bank fees).

My fee is 60,000yen.

60,0000yen includes Auction fee, transport to port. Customs, Radiation test, All costs need in Japan side. Auction price + my fee, 60,000 = FOB price


You will pay Freight, depends on destination, Shipping company accept Freight collect which Consignee pay after departure or Freight prepaid, you have to pay Freight before departure.


There is no hidden cost but, depends on auction I will charge extra transport. Because some auctions are very far away from port , which I can not help from 60,000

However, most of cases, you pay only 60,000 on the top of auction price

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