Corona-virus stops members to attend auction houses.

Since last week,  Auctions send out e mails and fax to its members, requesting for its members not attend auction house, and on line bidding from their offices to avoid the diffusion of Corona-virus.

Auction houses never close from Corona-virus even though most of buyers would not be bidding cars.


The end of last month, already,  a lot of buyers has been absent from auction houses to avoid infection.  Only some buyers from a big company were forced to attend auction house even thought they never tried to buy cars, just watching a auction screen.

In such a situation,  buyers can not check cars by them self, and  has to rely on checking guy who works for auction.  It makes harder to buy cars.

So, for a while,  we do not know how long this will be end,  hoping for  all back to normal soon.

A lot of exporters has been stopped shipping cars from Japan to avoid any risk , for this reason,  a port is full of cars and they does not accept another cars. no space.

So, we can consult about purchase cars from Japanese auction houses as usual, searching car price and so on , but for a while, has to stop purchasing cars if port does not accept another car.   May be one , two month ??


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