For a Canadian catomers

We export cars to Canada where 15years old Japanese cars & Euro cars are very very popular.

Popular cars are 4WDs , BMWs, Figaros, and sport type of cars    anything older than 15years.

Popular destination is Vancouver , Newwestminister and Halifax.

This is not compulsory but many Canadian importer ask us wash cars (mainly under body) before ship.

This is done by Jevic and they issue Cleaning Certificate which Canadian customer can use when cars arrive.

Some people  ask us just a cleaning and no need certificate.  Canadian customs require car must be a clean when car

come into port.  And some cars are rejected and back to Japan because of dirtiness.

For a example of Freight for a Sedan size such as Corolla     

To Vancouver ,     105,000yen

To Newwestminister   85,000yen

To Halifax ,  145,000yen

(* Freight change every month  please ask us accurate price   &  Freight is Prepaid only)

Jevic certificate is 20,000yen (not compulsory but recommend:  Just washing no certificate is available )

My fee is 60,000

Some auctions are far from port, in this case I will charge extra transport fee (depends on auction locations)

If you are Canadian cusomer who try to import  used japanese cars from japan, please feel free to drop me a line