Honda Fit 88Ks

2004 Honda Fit 88Ks Blue   Grade 4 

Today I sold Blue Honda fit  to NZ customer.  we paid 180,000yen for this car.

Total cost in Japan = FOB  is 180,000+60,000=240,000  about 3000NZ

Cost to your door is 1590 NZ  for private customer  , so total about 4500NZ

I think not bad price for Electric blue Fit 88Ks.  My customer was looking for 5000-6000 range cars

We tried about 10days and finally today we bought this car.



After I bought this car,. I did w-check, Drive test ,accident check and radiation test.

So I hope my customer will be happy .


Electrick blue Fit
Electrick blue Fit