Auctions on Tuesday

Main auctions in Japan are USS, JU, TAA, CAA and so on.


List of Tuesday auctions and Unit auctioned on 31st Jan, 2013.


CAA TOKYO 1,598units

CAA Gifu 1,450units

CAA Tohoku 354units

USS Yokohama 3,295units

TAA Kinki 1,537units

TAA Kyushu 1,694units

TAA Minami-Kyushu 300units

TAA Hiroshima 895units

TAA Shikoku 404units

JU Saitama 2,186units

JU Shizuoka 590units

JU Mie 245units

JU Yamaguchi 161units

Arai Sendai 282units

Sapporo AA 336units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Tokyo 125units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Sendai 139units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Oyama 156units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Osaka 137units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Fukuoka 101units

Nissan Plaza Paper auctions Gifu 84units

SMAP Paper auctions Nagoya 99units

SMAP Paper auctions Fukuoka 47units

ORIX Paper auctions Kobe 208units

ORIX Paper auctions Fukuoka 165units


Biggest auction on Tuesday is USS Yokohama 3,295units and the next is JU Saitama


USS yokohama locate behind of Yokohama Port, good location for exporters.


TAA is Toyota dealer auctions, small size however, one of good auctions and many Toyota cars.


Paper auction cars are mostly come from Rental cars. A little low quality and standard cars (no alloys,,,) some people say cheap, however hard auction, Normal action, I know competitors price as price goes up with competitors bid, winner just win only 1push up bid higher than under bidder. On the other hands, Paper auction, just write bidding price and bid, may be far way from under bidder price means paying too much. you can bid paper auctions using my service but cost you 500Yen per bidding. and if we wind also 10,000 plus as a paper auction fee.

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