Car Auctions on Monday

No auctions on Sunday.


And Monday is a relatively quieter day as for Car Auction in Japan. only 3 auctions USS-R JU Tokyo Honda (Honda auctions are open 6 areas on Monday) 6areas Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka,Sendai,,,,and so on


USS-R I guess “R” means recycle About 2000-3000cars every Monday

 A half of buyers are not Japanese, means most of Japanese car dealers not buy cars from this auction. A little of quality of cars is lower than other auctions.some are very high killo meters, some are accident.and some bargain cars so I like this auction.


But cars has to be check before purchase. very risky cars and cheap…. Behind auction building, there is a huge car dismantling and car parts center where I gop to buy some car parts. very convenient.


Cars could not sell at auctions go to this recycle factory and recycled.


Ju Tokyo about 300cars a day very small auction I will buy cars from this auction sometimes by my customers request


Monday is sometimes cheap car auction, I will buy cars from this auction using online.


Honda auctions about 300cars a day Honda Nagoya and USSr are close each other about 15min drive.


Honda auctions collect cars only from Honda dealers and inspection is strict. means good inspection and description. I can buy Honda auction cars from my office by online. Also i can buy Honda auctions cars from Honda Nagoya auction house. A lot of Honda cars and cars are fresh just come out for market. USSr and Honda Nagoya auction is 40min drive from my office car auctions in Japan

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