This page is  used car from auction in Japan  Owners blog.

I am Nori.  Born in Japan Japanese.

I have been involved this car export  industry for more than 10years.   My father owned construction business, now my brother in law took over father`s company.   I did not join it, but I went to Australia to study business.

I went to Syd. uni, graduate diploma. It was great experience, but what I studied was not help me at all except English.  So after study at uni. I back to Japan and started working for a  car export  company.

At the time, the company was the  biggest export company in Japan, selling car through Internet. I think  the company , new business model was a pioneer not only in Japan but also in the world.  Car selling -Channels revolution. very much Sensational. Profit was a huge scale everyday. most of country did not have any import regulation at the time.  and big demand for used Japanese car regardless its condition, cars were sold very well .   I think like this way about 5-8 years were best season for this industry.

Now, a  number of car exporters are more than starts and import regulation has been getting though and tougher. for this,  many exporters come and gone in this field.

Some countries protect its own car industry, does want car import for this reason, and some raise tax ,some use regulation such as year regulation. this makes hard and harder for Japanese exporters and local importers.

Before Lehman Brothers  shock, I saw many export -company Japanese-buyers at auction , but most of them were gone. now more Africans and Pakistani are in auction house. I guess not many experienced buyers around here anymore.

The same way, Domestic car dealers facing hard time,too.

I can survive this industry, may be I work from home, saving cost and selling cheap.

and  good purchase experience and service.  I would like to “thanks a lot ” for all my customer who support my business.

Business styles are  changing  funny ways , now people have to write dialy and some  others do videos for marketing  ..   ….. mmmm ………

I will write about such as car, auction and so on…

any comments are welcome but no send dirty pictures please,,,

Sorry my miss spell and bad grammars English, in advance.  2013/4/13

Shipping after purchase cars

This blog explain, after success bidding at auctions in Japan.
I think for many customers will realize that it will take quite a long time to do success bidding than they thought.

Furthermore, after purchase car, it will take long shipping process (waiting) time,again.

Distance from Japan to your port is one of factor for it. Longer distance takes longer shipping time. For example Africa or South America takes about or more than, 1 month on a water. For those customers, total duration , it may be more than 2-3 months or more after he paid deposit.

Like this way, you can do big cost savings from DIY auction, on the other hand it take very long process, cars from japan.
So if you are person can not wait long, please buy a car from local car dealers. Some not far distance such as Hongkong, it takes 7days on a water.

After success bidding, I will send you invoice. Depends on destination, You will pay freight in advance.

Some countries such as Newzealand, Australia UK, if your port is in these country. you will pay freight to your local shipping company. This case I will invoice you car price and my fees only. Most case my fee is 60,000.

Some country need some certificate , such as air-con-gas released Certificate, Road worthy certificate, pre-inspection, and so on, before shipping, you will pay extra for it.

Please clear invoice amount with in 4 business days. Your deposit will be deducted from invoice amount.

At the same time, I will start find the fast available boat and do boat booking. The process is very simple but please remember this process will take long some case.

What I need for car export. or, The documents need to be prepared for car export are :

@ Export certificate. and some instruction to shipping company.
Shipping instruction takes 5 min to be complete. So there is no problem for this.
So to prepare this export certificate takes long time. If lucky , 3-4 days if not 2 weeks.

After purchase car, auction will send me a Registration paper.

Auction rules, it says ex-owner has to send this document with in 7days and some auctions such as CAA says 10days.

For this, some seller send document 10days after auction. This is worst case. May be a strong chance, lose boat booked. and may be have to wait boat another 1 month. depends on destination. some country every 2 weeks some once a month.

After auction send me a registration paper, I will go to Transport authority to change owner ship and change registration paper to Export certificate. and I will send this Export certificate to port. Custom uses it for export permission.

This Export certificate has to be in port 3 days before departure.

So if 20th will be departure date, 17th is a closing time. registration paper from auction has to to come my office by 15th to change owner ship.

for example scenario, If purchase date at CAA is 5th. then 10 days later I received document 15th. then put boat on 20th. this take more than 2 weeks. If purchase date is 6th. may be, not catch up for closing time and has to wait another on month or 2 weeks.

If lucky, then, time line is much shorter.

As explained, Shipping process is some times very pain.

After boat leave, shipping company send me a original BL. I will air post this and Export certificate to your address. What your job is import process with these documents in your country.